Applying Open Bands to Finches eFinch on Facebook
Open plastic finch bands come in a variety of solid colors, striped colors and solid colors with numbers. They are applied with an aluminum applicator tool that holds the band open. Start by forcing a band on the applicator tool. Be sure the split opens up on the side with the trough. (Note: I've modified my banding tool to make it easier to hold.)
Holding the finch firmly, extend the leg the band will be applied to. Place the band opening over the leg. The leg should now rest in the trough.
Place a finger on the band and slip the tool away, leaving the band on the leg. Give the band a slight squeeze to close it up.
Check the fit. The band should be loose on the leg, but not so loose that it will slip over the foot. There is a craft product available for kids called Perler Beads. These soft and pliable beads are used in peg-board crafts. If split down the side they can be used like the plastic bands and opened on the same tool. These bands are larger and thick walled, so are not appropriate on small finches, but can be used on finches larger than a Zebra finch. The large size makes them easy to spot across the room when you're trying to sex monomorphic birds.

How to Apply Closed Bands.

Suppliers of Open Finch Bands
Red Bird Products (530) 620-7440
Birds2Grow (209) 869-5900
Acadiana Aviaries -