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How often have you looked at all the cat calendars and wished for just one that showed exotic finches? I mean, if they can create a calendar that features midwest grain silos, you'd think they could put together a calendar for exotic finches. Most often we end up with a calendar with native wild birds or a parrot-filled calendar that has one token finch, and they make it February the shortest month of the year. Well, here's your finch calendar with finches you actually recognize.
Twelve Month Finch Calendar - 2013

Finches Wall Calendar
Each month features one of aviculture's favorite finches,. It's a full 11" x 17" hanging on your wall and printed on glossy 100# paper. Wire-O bound.

January - White-spotted Munia
February - Phaeo & Florida Fancy Zebra Finches
March - Society Finches
April - Star Finch
May - Bronzewing Mannikin
June - Black-headed Gouldian
July - Continental CFW Zebra Finch
August - Madagascar Mannikin
September - Magpie Mannikin
October - Wild Crimson Finch
November - African Silverbill
December - Black Cheek Zebra Finch

$19.50 (click to order)

Twelve Month Finch Babies Calendar - 2013

Finch Babies Wall Calendar
Breeding finches is often the challenge and the joy of finch aviculture. This calendar is filled with young finches still in their juvenile plumage. It's a full 11" x 17" hanging on your wall and printed on glossy 100# paper. Wire-O bound.

January - Gray Crown Mannikin
February - Sharpii Chestnut Breasted Mannikin
March - Cutthroat Finches
April - Moluccan Munia
May - Grand Mannikin
June - Penguin Zebra Finch
July - Wild Gouldian Finch
August - Painted Finches
September - Plumheaded Finch
October - Madigascar Finch
November - Magpie Mannikin
December - Diamond Firetail

$19.50 (click to order)

Year at a Glance Calendars - 2013

Single Page Calendars
Some of aviculture's favorite finches as well as some other common cage birds photographed in the wild on a single page calendar. Printed on heavy 11" x 17" paper. The whole year at once with a single image for the year.

Wild Zebra Finches
• Yellow Headed Gouldian
• Gray Zebra Finches
• Wild Zebra, Owl and Masked Grassfinch
• Wild flock of Budgerigars (not shown here)

$4.99 each (click to order)

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2013 Finch Calendars (click to order)
Why Cafepress? The problem in the eyes of the calendar publishers has been the number of people interested in a particular subject and those interested in finch calendars is believed to be so much smaller than the minimum number of calendars a printer would need to produce. Now, short run print technology has advanced to the point that it can be difficult to distinguish from large run web printing like you would see with a magazine or catalog or many popular calendars. Still, I was reluctant to produce a calendar featuring my photography with some of the color laser printers or copiers because the quality was not something that I would be proud of nor you would want it hanging on your fridge or wall. That's no longer the case with the new printers that Cafepress is using. You can now order the finch catalog directly from them on their secure internet site. They offer print-on-demand technology, secure on-line ordering and fast order fulfillment to get you the Finch Calendars I've designed.